as of 07/2018:

The Art World is complicated currently. It must be time to take a break from direct engagement while such things can be sorted through... Until further notice.

as of 11/2017:

I recently noticed a substantial difference between the Artist and the Hobbyist.
Both indeed do in their own right; the Artist does things and the Hobbyist does things.

However it seems as though the Artist does things while persistently digging for a why to what it is they're doing. Whereas, the Hobbyist seems to do, without codependency to a determinable why.

Currently... I don't know my why.
Therefore, I will continue doing, as I wait for my why to reveal itself.

as of 01/2017:
. . .
I’ve been gifted with two able hands haven’t I?
Well then for Godssake I’m gonna use them.
. . .
Although the works could be verbally expanded upon [individually], the conceptual threads that connect the individual works don’t require elaborate explanation. Structure, materiality, solidarity, utility, and subtlety squeeze their way throughout the works through what I find as simple, warm, and enticing materials. The process of paring down the components of the works not only provides a literal visual, it also creates margins of 'grey-space' for the viewer’s engagement. That’s not to say that the work exists for the viewer specifically, but the viewer is a reality that can’t be ignored.
. . .